White Cat sitting on an open book: "Four Views on Free Will"My general philosophical interests are in emotion, moral responsibility, ethics, social and political theory, and agency theory. I have current projects on forgiveness, punishment, contempt, and manipulation among other topics.

I come to these topics via an interest in what it is to hold each other morally responsible, that is, our practices of praising, blaming, punishing, and rewarding each other for actions that we perform or traits that we exhibit. The methodological assumption behind much of my work is the idea that increased understanding of what is involved in these practices will help us understand what constitutes reasons for engaging in them. I therefore spend significant time studying empirical work on blame, praise, moral judgment, and the like. My hope is that understanding just what praising and blaming are and do will not only shed light on which instances of praise, blame, punishment, etc. are justified, but will also shed light on a variety of philosophical problems, including the nature of desert, whether free will is compatible with determinism, and when punishment is justified.

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