I’m a Senior Solutions Consultant at Spectrum Labs, but you might have known me previously as Director of Customer Success at Balto, Associate Professor at Northern Michigan University, or Lecturer at UCLA.

My move to industry from academia was facilitated by completing LC101 from LaunchCode. I’ve used my LC101 training and additional work in python, pandas, and numpy to solve numerous problems for clients with bespoke solutions.

Prior to my work in industry, I taught courses in Ethics (including Computer, Emerging Technology, Legal, Business, and Medical Ethics) as well as Social and Political Philosophy, and interdisciplinary courses on Emotion. For more details, see my Teaching page.

Additionally, I’ve published work on moral responsibility, punishment, emotion, technology, and related issues. For more, see my Research page.

Finally, a brief educational history: I received my BA from St. Louis University, my MA from University of Cincinnati, and my PhD from The Ohio State University.